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Main features of cold-formed steel

Source:Shandong Tianyi|Date: 2019-04-24| Hits

  The cold-formed steel is a cold-formed steel production equipment, and the hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strip is a steel of various cross-sectional shapes and sizes formed by bending the blank. Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

  1. The section is economical and reasonable, saving materials. The cross-sectional shape of the cold-formed steel can be designed according to needs, the structure is reasonable, and the section coefficient per unit weight is higher than that of the hot-rolled steel. Under the same load, the weight of the component can be reduced and the material can be saved. Cold-formed steel is used in building structures to save 38-50% of metal compared to hot-rolled steel, and can save 15-60% of metal for agricultural machinery and vehicles. Convenient construction and reduce overall costs.

  2. A wide variety of products, can produce cold-formed steel various profiles and various cold-formed steels with uniform wall thickness and complicated cross-section shape which are difficult to produce by general hot rolling method.

  3. The surface of the product is smooth, the appearance is good, the size is accurate, and the length can also be flexibly adjusted according to the needs, all of which are supplied according to the fixed length or multiple feet to improve the utilization rate of the material.

  4. It can also be combined with punching and other processes to meet different needs.

  The above is the main features of cold-formed steel introduced for everyone, I hope everyone can understand.

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